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to come together into a community and to sing with all different religions and all different types of music and it's a really great experience. >> even if you speak different languages you can speak through music in a really beautiful way. >> it helps to really bring the larger community together besides the orthodox community. then their friends come to and they have an opportunity to see our cathedral. >> it's amazing. the first time i saw this, it was just incredible. it's very ornate, very decorative. >> i constantly get the feed back from people who say how much they appreciate it and that it's become a tradition and it gets their season started, you know what i mean. so it's a gift. it's a gift to give back. >> i do think of my mom. i always get a little emotion and i get choked up. that i just see that it's, just pleased that its still continued sort of in his spirit. >> there's something sort of magical about playing in a christmas concert. >> i think it's good to be there and listen to that and hear that. >> it's awesome to get the holiday season started with song. >> ♪
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)